Who we are

Who we are

The birth

Luxuryinstock, born from Simone Cossu's thirty-year experience in luxury, defines luxury not only in terms of richness or ornamentation, but as the absence of vulgarity. Believing that a luxury product must meet various conditions and offer deep meaning regardless of price, it aims to connect strongly with consumers.

Our collaboration with...

The jewelers

Over the last 6 years, we have collaborated with over 400 jewelers throughout Italy, offering support in the sale of their inventory. Our thirty years of experience in the luxury sector has allowed us to develop various sales channels, still allowing us today to liquidate any excess inventory extremely quickly. This process helps jewelers to increase their turnover, giving value to products which, without our intervention, would risk remaining unsold in their warehouses.

Our satisfaction


From the moment of its inception until today, the LuxuryInStock project has had the privilege of welcoming over 1500 customers from every corner of the world. We strive every day with dedication and passion to guide our customers through the exciting process of selecting and purchasing their next collectible pieces.


Chrono24 Reviews

Over the years, our constant pursuit of excellence has allowed us to obtain over 1000 positive reviews on Chrono24 ( visible from here )


Ebay Reviews

Furthermore, on Ebay, we have received over 400 positive reviews ( visible from here ), testimony to the satisfaction of our customers and the transparency that characterizes our business.


This positive feedback represents a source of pride for us and an incentive to continue offering an impeccable service, maintaining high standards of quality and reliability. The trust that our customers place in us is our best reward, and pushes us to pursue our mission with constant commitment and enthusiasm.